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You visit an art website, where I wish to present my graphics, drawings - adding new ones year by year.
This page is intended as a kind of a post box for those who despite the gulf formed irreversibly between fine arts and society have not lost belief in the existence of the contemporary graphic art, which connecting to the traditions of the European fine arts in contrary to the actual trends is capable of addressing the human of today.
Beuys thought: Duchamp has extended their limits with his ready-mades through questioning the target and existence of art. I am in contrary of the opinion that the partial decline of European arts of the last approximately 60 years is exactly due to Duchamp's gesture academic thinking.
Huge responsibility for the formation of the gap between the creator and the receiver and for the fact that the European society is entirely insensible of its own temporary art is attached to the present artistic trends striving for exclusivity, which in Duchamp's spirit, denying the traditional ways of fine arts, have made the events in the artistic world uninterpretable for spectators.
I believe that due to the permanent change in attitude taking place in the history of art the progressive power is exactly hidden in the figurative art blamed earlier which always characterizes the avantgarde of a certain epoch, and which is able to bridge the gap in communication mentioned above. In the hope that the graphics herewith will contribute to formulating a new interpretation of art, I recommend the following pieces into your attention...